** = Paartanz

1.2.3 Walz

2 Step **

16 Step**

A Cowboy and a Dancer

After five Stomp

All Aboard

All Shook Up

All Wound Up

Any Man of Mine

Bad Moon on the Rise

Ballymore Boys

Barn Dance**


Beer for my Horses

Before the Devil

Better off

Billys Dance  **

Black Coffee

Body in Motion

Boot Scootin' Boogie


Bread and Butter

Bring me Down


Bullshit  **

Burning Love

Butterfly **

California Blue

Canadian Stomp

Can't Buy Love




Cheyenne Rock

City City


Colorado Stomp

Country 2 Step

Country Walking

Copperhead Road

Cotton Eyed Joe **

Cotton Picking Morning

Cowboy Boogie

Cowboy Cha Cha **

Cowboy Charlston

Cowboy Man

Cracy Foot Mambo

Dancing in the Dark

Darlin'  **


Don't you Wish

Down and Dirty

Down on the Corner

Dozend Roses **

Drivin' my Life Away

East Bound and Down

Eatin' right - Drinkin' bad

Electric Slide

Electric Strut

Electric Cowboy


El Paso  **

Fishers Hornpipe

Fishin' in the Dark

Flobbie Slide

For your Eyes only

Forever and Ever **

Foot Boogie

Gaylway Girls

Ghost Rider

Ghost Train

Going back West

Good Time

Grundy Gallopp

Hardwood Stomp

Hammer Down

Heart of an Angel

Hearts and Flowers

Higher and Higher

Honky Tonk Stomp

Horseshoe Shuffle **

I kissed a Girl

Irish Stew

Island in the Stream

J - Walk



Kid Rock Alabama

Kill the Spider

Leaving of Liverpool

Lightning Polka

Mercury Blues

Missing you  

Monterey Mama

Mr. Lonely **

Old Friend


Picknic Polka

Pinacolada Cha Cha

Pinaco Cha Cha **

Pitter Patter


Precius Time

Proud Mary

Red Hot Salsa

Redneck Girl **


Rose Garden

           Seminole Wind

Shaddow **

Shake again

Shakin' Mix

Siedler Tanz **

Something in the Water

Southern Star

Southern Streamline

Speed it up

Start a Car

Stompin' it out

Sugar and Pai

Sultans of Swing



Sweet little Dangerous

Take a Breather

Tango with the Sheriff

Tennessy Waltz **

The Bremer

The Bucket

The Stetson

The Wanderer

Ticket to Haven


Tush Push

 To Dance,not to Cry



Two Step**

Urban Grace

Walk of Life

Watermelon Crawl

Wave on Wave

With Love

White Rose

White Rose for two **

Who's your Daddy

Wishfull Tinkin'

Wrapped arround

 Yonder comes a Sukker **

Zjozzeys Funk


Die Liste wird immer wieder aktualisiert!


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